A design outfit who embrace the Australian lifestyle, Tait produce art in the form of furniture, planter boxes and even birdhouses.

The Volley Chair – Designed by Adam Goodrem: Available in Rocker (as pictured), Dining, Lounge, and Bar Stool.  Zinc Plated Steel frame with rope handles

jak chair tait

Jak Chair – Designed by Justin Hutchinson:  Stackable, sturdy, colourful.



Garden Tower – Designed by Gordon Tait:  Stackable, indoor or outdoors.  Powder coated aluminium

tiait birdcages

Birdcabin – Designed by Wayne Bell:   Attracts tiny birds to your city garden

For more visit madebytait.  If you would like to see some more beautiful Australian Designers, see more by visiting Kin


Kate McCarthy

Ferry to Calais by Kate McCarthy

“Ferry to Calais” acrylic on canvas

Kate McCarthy plays with texture, shape, colour and childhood memories to produce these vibrant and playful pieces.  Kate lives in Tasmania and uses a multitude of mediums, including oil, acrylic, enamel, aerosol spraypaint and collage.  Enjoy these delightful creations.

Polly Voo Lores by Kate McCarthy

“Polly Voo Lores” acrylic, oil, collage and enamel on canvas

Stuyvesant Cider by Kate McCarthy

“Stuyvesant Cider” acrylic on canvas

St Johns Comfort Lores by Kate McCarthy

“St Johns Comfort Lores” acrylic oil and aerosol spray on canvas

Ascanio by Kate McCarthy

“Ascanio” acrylic and oil on canvas

For more on Kate visit her website Kate McCarthy or check out her instagram page

Judy Cassab AO CBE (1920-2015)

Sad news this week that acclaimed artist Judy Cassab passed away aged 95.  Judy arrived in Australia in the early 1950’s accompanied by her husband and two infant sons.  They had fled Europe where most of their family had perished in the holocaust.  Judy became well known as a portraitist and she became the first and only woman to date to win the Archibald Prize twice with portraits of Stanislaus Rapotec in 1960 and Margo Lewers in 1967.  Judy was also known for her paintings of the beautiful Australian landscapes and fine drawings of her surroundings. Below you will find images of her works throughout the decades.  Thankyou Judy Cassab

The old stove by Judy Cassab, 1954

Judy Cassab The old stove 1954

Portrait of Judy Barraclough by Judy Cassab, 1955

Judy Cassab Portrait of Judy Barraclough 1955

Stanislaus Rapotec by Judy Cassab, 1960 Archibald Prize

Judy Cassab Portrait of Stanislaus Rapotec  1960 Archibald Prize

Dark Moon by Judy Cassab, 1969

Judy Cassab Dark Moon  1969

Winter by Judy Cassab, 1970

Judy Cassab Winter 1970

Yellow Circumvision by Judy Cassab, 1973

Judy Cassab Yellow Circumvision 1973

Desert Shapes, the boulder by Judy Cassab, 1982

Judy Cassab Desert Shapes, the boulder 1982

Beam of Pompidou across Cathedral by Judy Cassab, 1990

Judy Cassab Beam of Pompidou across Cathedral  1990

Anandamai Ghat by Judy Cassab, 2002

Judy Cassab Anandamai Ghat 2002

Hillside, Rainbow by Judy Cassab, 2003

Judy Cassab Hillside, Rainbow 2003

It is fitting that one of the 2015 finalists for the Archibald Prize is Filippa Buttitta  with  her own portrait of Judy Cassab pictured below

Judy Cassab - Portrait of an Artist by Filippa Buttitta

Filippa Buttitta  Judy Cassab – Portrait of an Artist  2015,  Archibald Prize Finalist

Michelle Lee

There seems to be a theme lately at Collate Culture…  a slight obsession with mixed medium work!  Adelaide artist Michelle Lee features this week and her pieces are another fine example of what can be achieved with the perfect combination of line, form and colour.  Using layering techniques, Michelle works with a variety of mediums, including charcoal, acrylic, pencil, pastel and pen to create her pieces.  Some works from her 2015 collection are pictured below.

The silence of close friendships at collateculture

Michelle Lee The Silence of Close Friendships

Ruby and Jades tales of Colourful Adventures 1at collateculture

Michelle Lee Ruby and Jades Tales of Colourful Adventures 1

ruby_and_jades_tales_of_colourful_adventures2 at CollateCulture

Michelle Lee Ruby and Jades Tales of Colourful Adventures 2

ruby_and_jades_tales_of_colourful_adventures3 collateculture

Michelle Lee Ruby and Jades Tales of Colourful Adventures 3

Being Tickled Pink at collateculture

Michelle Lee Being Tickled Pink

A Hole in One in Mini Golf at collateculture

Michelle Lee A Hole in One in Mini Golf

Midnight in Paris at Collateculture

Michelle Lee Midnight in Paris

Michelle is also a professional Graphic Designer.  For information on her design work, visit the Michelle Lee Design site, and to find out more about her studio art, visit  her Folio site.

Cezary Stulgis

Above and Below by Cezary Stulgis

Above and Below by Cezary Stulgis

Sculptor, Painter, Designer; This amazing talent has been making his impression on walls, streets, canvases and galleries for over two decades with a range of powerful paintings, sculptures and street art. Polish born, Cezary Stulgis, is based in Australia and has answered a few questions for Collate Culture…

CC:  If you were to paint a picture of your studio/ workspace, describe what would it look like right now?

CZ:  It’s currently not being used as I am doing the next stage of my sculpture in The Foundry, so my studio is neat and most things are put away.

CC:  What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

CZ:  In sculpture I like using clay but also like to weld steel and use wood as well.  In painting I use acrylics and spray paint.

CC:  How do you know when a piece of work or series is finished?

CZ:  I just know intuitively as well as being happy with it and not overworking it so it retains a freshness about it.

CC:  How difficult is it to discard work that isn’t working?

CZ:  Very easy just go over it with a roller.

CC:  What is the symbolism of the dogs that feature heavily in your work?

CZ:  They are a metaphor for human behaviour and pack mentality.

Ground Level by Cezary Stulgis

Ground Level

Head On by Cezary Stulgis

Head On

Zombie Dogs Cezary Stulgis Collaboration with Plea F1

Zombie Dogs Collaboration with Plea F1

Heavy Cargo by Cezary Stulgis collaboration with Makatron

Heavy Cargo collaboration with Makatron

Warriors by Cezary Stulgis


For more information on Cezary’s work visit Cezary Stulgis


Simple, functional and lasting: This is Kin.

Connect Bench

Connect Bench

Kin, founded by Dermot and Janelle Lenaghan has a focus on great design, sustainability, functionality and high quality craftsmanship. Each piece of Kin furniture is designed and ethically produced in Australia by local craftsmen. The pieces are hand finished at Kin ensuring optimum quality. Kin succeed in producing simple, beautiful and durable pieces:  Some from the Connect Collection are featured below.

Connect Coffee Table and Side Table

Connect Coffee Table and Side Table


kin_cooper_footrest_closeup_1024x1024   underside stool


Connect_bench_detail_grande     colours


Black Table

Black Table

Connect Bar Stool

Connect Bar Stool

Connect side tables

Connect side tables


For more information and to order visit kin.