Abby Seymour

Australian designer Abby Seymour is a creator of handcrafted jewellery, pretty painted porcelain, and detailed print works.  Here is a taste of her work.

Abby Seymour Print-Woven-Tapestry-02

Woven tapestry letterpress print A5

Abby Seymore Print-Woven-Profile-01

Woven Profile Print print A5

Abby Seymour Print-Scales-01

Scales print A5

Abby Seymour Triple-Rhombus-Porcelain-Bead-Necklace-01

Triple Rhombus:  Hand painted faceted porcelain bead with small brass beads and oxidised silver chain

Abby Seymour Galaxy-Porcelain-Blue-Bead-Necklace-01

Galaxy Blue Bead: Hand formed on sterling silver chain

Abby Seymour Universe-threads-blue-Ring-Silver-Clasp-01

Universe Threads Blue Ring:  Hand carved ring with painted porcelain gem

Abby Seymour Universe-Studs-Galaxy-Blue-Silver-Earrings-02

Universe Galaxy Blue Studs

Abby offers a variety of workshops in Melbourne.  Look out for her upcoming jewellery casting workshop transforming wax carving to metal jewellery. For more visit abbyseymour

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