Kate McCarthy

Ferry to Calais by Kate McCarthy

“Ferry to Calais” acrylic on canvas

Kate McCarthy plays with texture, shape, colour and childhood memories to produce these vibrant and playful pieces.  Kate lives in Tasmania and uses a multitude of mediums, including oil, acrylic, enamel, aerosol spraypaint and collage.  Enjoy these delightful creations.

Polly Voo Lores by Kate McCarthy

“Polly Voo Lores” acrylic, oil, collage and enamel on canvas

Stuyvesant Cider by Kate McCarthy

“Stuyvesant Cider” acrylic on canvas

St Johns Comfort Lores by Kate McCarthy

“St Johns Comfort Lores” acrylic oil and aerosol spray on canvas

Ascanio by Kate McCarthy

“Ascanio” acrylic and oil on canvas

For more on Kate visit her website Kate McCarthy or check out her instagram page


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