Michelle Lee

There seems to be a theme lately at Collate Culture…  a slight obsession with mixed medium work!  Adelaide artist Michelle Lee features this week and her pieces are another fine example of what can be achieved with the perfect combination of line, form and colour.  Using layering techniques, Michelle works with a variety of mediums, including charcoal, acrylic, pencil, pastel and pen to create her pieces.  Some works from her 2015 collection are pictured below.

The silence of close friendships at collateculture

Michelle Lee The Silence of Close Friendships

Ruby and Jades tales of Colourful Adventures 1at collateculture

Michelle Lee Ruby and Jades Tales of Colourful Adventures 1

ruby_and_jades_tales_of_colourful_adventures2 at CollateCulture

Michelle Lee Ruby and Jades Tales of Colourful Adventures 2

ruby_and_jades_tales_of_colourful_adventures3 collateculture

Michelle Lee Ruby and Jades Tales of Colourful Adventures 3

Being Tickled Pink at collateculture

Michelle Lee Being Tickled Pink

A Hole in One in Mini Golf at collateculture

Michelle Lee A Hole in One in Mini Golf

Midnight in Paris at Collateculture

Michelle Lee Midnight in Paris


Michelle is also a professional Graphic Designer.  For information on her design work, visit the Michelle Lee Design site, and to find out more about her studio art, visit  her Folio site.


Emily Blom

Emily Blom is a Hobart based artist who navigates through a multitude of mediums to produce her work.  This versatile artist creates works using a mixture of printmaking, painting, collage, photography and even textiles to create beautiful and emotive pieces.  Emily’s work has been seen in exhibitions around Tasmania over the last few years and has recently been selected as Handmark Gallery’s Emerging Artist of 2015.  A taste of her work is featured below.

About Face by Emily Blom at Collate Culture

Emily Blom About Face, Etching and Monoprint on paper

Womans Day no. 4 by Emily Blom at Collate Culture

Emily Blom Womans Day no. 4, Etching and Monoprint on paper

A Stitch in Time by Emily Blom on Collate Culture

Emily Blom A Stitch in Time, Etching, Monoprint, Screenprint and Handstitching on paper

Masquerade no 1 Acrylic and Offset print on canvas

Emily Blom Masquerade no 1, Acrylic and Offset print on canvas

The Sleepers Paradox no 2, Offset print and acrylic on canvas by Emily Blom at Collate Culture

Emily Blom The Sleepers Paradox no 2, Offset print and Acrylic on canvas

The Offset Paradox no 3, Offset print and acrylic on canvas by Emily Blom Collate Culture

Emily Blom The Offset Paradox no 3, Offset print and Acrylic on canvas

It Rains in September by Emily Blom at Collate Culture

Emily Blom It Rains in September, Acrylic on canvas with Offset print

The Guiding Spirit by Emily Blom at Collate Culture

Emily Blom The Guiding Spirit, Acrylic on canvas with Offset print

Running from the wind by Emily Blom at Collate Culture

Emily Blom Running from the Wind, Acrylic on canvas with Offset print

Emily’s work has been featured in an exhibition at Handmark Gallery in Hobart.  You can also find out more about Emily and her work by visiting her Blog or by visiting the Tasmanian Arts Guide.  Make sure you go and check out the other Fine Artists featured on Collate Culture.


Maggie Bulloch is the creative mind behind the new online magazine craftymaggs. She is an artist who brings together an eclectic mixture of photographs, text and images to produce inspiring digital collages. Currently studying fashion design, it is little suprise that some of the most prominent fashion models of the past and present have been featured in Maggie’s collages.

The following collection draws on Maggie’s strong retro influences. Twiggy is featured as you have never seen her before. See who else can you find.

collateculture craftymaggs fish

collateculture craftymaggs leopardprint

collateculture craftymaggs twiggy space

collateculture craftymags feather

The next collection is full of summer inspirations. Maggie’s objective is to promote summer inspiration and positivity. The words featured all have have an implied positivity and Maggie says “they make me happy”.

collateculture craftymaggs sonder

collateculture craftymaggs kate moss pink

craftymaggs moderation sucks

collateculture craftymaggs hibiscus collage

Maggie Bulloch’s website  curates art, photography, creative writing, and even gives you a playlist to listen to while you are checking it all out.  So go and find out more at Craftymaggs.  You can also visit her facebookinstagram, or  twitter  pages.

The Sentimentalist


“Mahia” Linoprint: Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson is our featured artist this Wednesday.  She lives on the southern Gold Coast and creates beautiful lino prints which deliver an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.    Many of the works feature  fibro houses, breeze blocks and caravans perched amongst simple seaside vistas.  She takes the old back to a time when it was new.  These aren’t just pretty pictures;  they are happy memories.  Fiona hand cuts and prints the works herself but was able to take some time out to answer a few questions for Collate Culture…

CC: If you were to paint a picture of your studio, describe what would it look like right now?
FW: A busy space filled with drying prints, Lino blocks, artists inks, brushes, sketches of works in process and collected objects and photos that inspire my work.

CC:  What is your favourite medium to work with and why?
FW:  I use a relief printmaking process called Lino printing where my design is sketched onto a special surface and the unwanted areas are removed with small carving tools. This surface is then inked up with a roller and paper is laid over the top. After hand burnishing the back a print is taken. I love the hand made marks of this medium and the contrast of black ink on white paper. I feel it also best represents the time worn nature of my subject matter. When I hand colour some of the prints they remind me of early book illustrations.

CC:  How do you know when a piece of work or series is finished?
FW:  Working in black and white I know the block is ready to carve and print when I have a balance of tones and textures. Some prints are fully coloured when I feel the subject allows it whilst others have more selective areas highlighted.

CC:  How difficult is it to discard work that isn’t working?
FW: I think most artists will know when a composition isn’t working and would always discard or change/ alter the design. When your work flows easily you know you’re on the right track.

CC:  What is the best advice you have received?
FW:  Never undersell yourself. Value what you do as a unique talent.

CC:  Do emotions impact on your creativity?
FW:  I certainly have an emotional connection to the subjects I choose, as do my customers. My work is based on happy memories and I always describe my time spent creating my art as my ‘happy place’. I can tune out meditatively for hours on a piece.



“Christmas 1969” by Fiona Watson



“Fishing Trip” by Fiona Watson

“Jan’s Place” by Fiona Watson


Coconuts by Fiona Watson

Coconuts by Fiona Watson

For those of you in the area, Fiona will be holding an Intro to Lino Printing Workshop on November 14th at The Craft Parlour, Miami Marketta.  Keep an eye out for her next solo exhibition at Café D’bar Gallery at Coolangatta in March 2016.  Find out more about this talented lady at her site  thesentimentalist

or Instagram