Judy Cassab AO CBE (1920-2015)

Sad news this week that acclaimed artist Judy Cassab passed away aged 95.  Judy arrived in Australia in the early 1950’s accompanied by her husband and two infant sons.  They had fled Europe where most of their family had perished in the holocaust.  Judy became well known as a portraitist and she became the first and only woman to date to win the Archibald Prize twice with portraits of Stanislaus Rapotec in 1960 and Margo Lewers in 1967.  Judy was also known for her paintings of the beautiful Australian landscapes and fine drawings of her surroundings. Below you will find images of her works throughout the decades.  Thankyou Judy Cassab

The old stove by Judy Cassab, 1954

Judy Cassab The old stove 1954

Portrait of Judy Barraclough by Judy Cassab, 1955

Judy Cassab Portrait of Judy Barraclough 1955

Stanislaus Rapotec by Judy Cassab, 1960 Archibald Prize

Judy Cassab Portrait of Stanislaus Rapotec  1960 Archibald Prize

Dark Moon by Judy Cassab, 1969

Judy Cassab Dark Moon  1969

Winter by Judy Cassab, 1970

Judy Cassab Winter 1970

Yellow Circumvision by Judy Cassab, 1973

Judy Cassab Yellow Circumvision 1973

Desert Shapes, the boulder by Judy Cassab, 1982

Judy Cassab Desert Shapes, the boulder 1982

Beam of Pompidou across Cathedral by Judy Cassab, 1990

Judy Cassab Beam of Pompidou across Cathedral  1990

Anandamai Ghat by Judy Cassab, 2002

Judy Cassab Anandamai Ghat 2002

Hillside, Rainbow by Judy Cassab, 2003

Judy Cassab Hillside, Rainbow 2003

It is fitting that one of the 2015 finalists for the Archibald Prize is Filippa Buttitta  with  her own portrait of Judy Cassab pictured below

Judy Cassab - Portrait of an Artist by Filippa Buttitta

Filippa Buttitta  Judy Cassab – Portrait of an Artist  2015,  Archibald Prize Finalist