Cezary Stulgis

Above and Below by Cezary Stulgis

Above and Below by Cezary Stulgis

Sculptor, Painter, Designer; This amazing talent has been making his impression on walls, streets, canvases and galleries for over two decades with a range of powerful paintings, sculptures and street art. Polish born, Cezary Stulgis, is based in Australia and has answered a few questions for Collate Culture…

CC:  If you were to paint a picture of your studio/ workspace, describe what would it look like right now?

CZ:  It’s currently not being used as I am doing the next stage of my sculpture in The Foundry, so my studio is neat and most things are put away.

CC:  What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

CZ:  In sculpture I like using clay but also like to weld steel and use wood as well.  In painting I use acrylics and spray paint.

CC:  How do you know when a piece of work or series is finished?

CZ:  I just know intuitively as well as being happy with it and not overworking it so it retains a freshness about it.

CC:  How difficult is it to discard work that isn’t working?

CZ:  Very easy just go over it with a roller.

CC:  What is the symbolism of the dogs that feature heavily in your work?

CZ:  They are a metaphor for human behaviour and pack mentality.

Ground Level by Cezary Stulgis

Ground Level

Head On by Cezary Stulgis

Head On

Zombie Dogs Cezary Stulgis Collaboration with Plea F1

Zombie Dogs Collaboration with Plea F1

Heavy Cargo by Cezary Stulgis collaboration with Makatron

Heavy Cargo collaboration with Makatron

Warriors by Cezary Stulgis


For more information on Cezary’s work visit Cezary Stulgis