Maggie Bulloch is the creative mind behind the new online magazine craftymaggs. She is an artist who brings together an eclectic mixture of photographs, text and images to produce inspiring digital collages. Currently studying fashion design, it is little suprise that some of the most prominent fashion models of the past and present have been featured in Maggie’s collages.

The following collection draws on Maggie’s strong retro influences. Twiggy is featured as you have never seen her before. See who else can you find.

collateculture craftymaggs fish

collateculture craftymaggs leopardprint

collateculture craftymaggs twiggy space

collateculture craftymags feather

The next collection is full of summer inspirations. Maggie’s objective is to promote summer inspiration and positivity. The words featured all have have an implied positivity and Maggie says “they make me happy”.

collateculture craftymaggs sonder

collateculture craftymaggs kate moss pink

craftymaggs moderation sucks

collateculture craftymaggs hibiscus collage

Maggie Bulloch’s website  curates art, photography, creative writing, and even gives you a playlist to listen to while you are checking it all out.  So go and find out more at Craftymaggs.  You can also visit her facebookinstagram, or  twitter  pages.


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